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Han Dynasty Nanyue King's Tomb Museum

The Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King's Tomb Museum is situated at Jiefang Bei Raod and is one of the 80 globally renowned museums. In ancient China, it was the final resting place of Zhao Mei, a member of the Han Dynasty, who ruled over the Nanyue State. It is one of the most interesting places in China that you should visit, or else you will never know about one of the most illustrious times in the history of this country.

The tomb of Zhao Mei is well hidden, thanks to its being located 20 meters under the Xianggang Hill. It was during an excavation in 1983 that the place came into light. It has seven chambers, and its stone walls are decorated by various colored murals. It took about 750 stones to build the mausoleum that occupies a 14,000 square meter space. But these wall drawings are not all; you will also find more than 1000 relics and artifacts inside the tomb. The most famous of these are made in terra cotta, while you will also find a few made of bronze.

The bronze items include serial bells - about three sets, 36 mirrors, and 36 vessels. These bronze vessels were used in the funeral along with jade garments. There are three seals made of gold in the tomb. The terra cotta pieces represent the Nanyue Culture or the Yue Culture of Southern China.

The Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King's Tomb Museum has also made it possible for tourists to explore some other cultures of the country as well. The most prominent ones among them are central Chinese culture, the Bashu culture of southwest China, the Hun culture from the northern grassland, and the Chu culture of south China. Closer inspection will also reveal traces of foreign cultures.

The tomb's most priceless possession is the burial suit made of jade. The one that you will find here is made of 2,291 jade pieces. Though you may have heard about or seen jade garments strewn with silver, gold, and copper, this one here is sewn in silk. This makes it a unique piece in the world, and also shows how advanced the Nanyue period was.

The foreign articles found inside the King's tomb show the kingdom's extent of business dealings. You will find a silver box filled with Asian silver wares, five trunks belonging to African elephants, incense burners made of bronze, and frankincense. The last two articles are from the Southeastern region of Asia.

Besides the bronze and terracotta items, there are a few other relics that refer to the Tang Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty. The best items that represent that era are some porcelain pillows. Besides the tomb, you will also find some new and modern additions that include a couple of exhibition buildings. These buildings are made in such a fashion that they do not ruin the central position of the mausoleum.

You can come to the exhibition halls to witness the excavation history of the site as well as that of human civilization. The program on excavation is conducted on various languages including English, Japanese, French, Spanish and German.

This Han Dynasty tomb in Guangzhou, China is unlike any other cemetery as it is a showcase of the glorious past of the country.

Admission Fee: CNY 12
Opening Hours: 9:00 to 17:30 (Stop selling ticket at 16:45)
Museum Guide Service:
1. The museum provide guides, charging CNY50 every time.
2. Audio guide (English, Japanese, French, Germany, Spanish) is available, costing CNY10 per person. Refundable deposit of CNY200 is necessary.

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