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Chen Clan Academy Temple

Chen Clan Academy Temple, is located in the western part of Guangzhou. The name of the temple refers to the 72 Chen Clans whose financial help made the construction possible. Since 1986, this place has become one of the protected historical sites in the country, and is a fascinating tourist attraction.

The history of the Temple dates back to the 19th century when Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty was on the throne. Thanks to the monetary support it received from those 72 county rulers, the temple was finished in 1894. There was a reason that the clans showed so much interest in this project. Once completed, this temple became a school for the children of the clan members. They stayed here and received education. The primary goal of these students was to appear in the provincial examination. Later, this place also became the Industry College and middle school of the clan.

In 1959, the Chen Clan Academy Temple was turned into Guangdong Folk Art Museum. Tourists and local people come here to explore its structural beauty and possession of various artifacts. These objects depict the culture and artistic brilliance of that time. Once inside, you will find the 13,200 square meter area filled with various forms of carvings and some excellent color paintings. The carvings are done on wood, brick and stone. During the Qing era, the brick carving reached the zenith of its brilliance. The collection of the brick carvings in this temple will bear testimony to that supreme craftsmanship.

As far as stone carving was concerned, the artists used to prefer Granite Gear as their base component. The wood carvings can be seen at the entrance and every other corner of the temple. The wood carvings in this temple in Guangzhou also show a variety of subject. On the wooden doors here, you will find the depiction of various historical tales. When it comes to color paintings, almost all rooms and doors have them. The temple as well as all its collection, especially the paintings, shows the richness of the Lingnan culture.

Besides carvings and paintings, Chen Clan Academy also has fine quality artistic works on ceramics and cloths. The embroidery work of that time was also pretty impressive. In fact, this museum takes you back to an era of China when artistic work was at its full brilliance. This museum has helped the Chinese government to spread awareness about the folk art and crafts of the various regions in China.

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