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Chime Long Paradise

Chime Long Paradise Chime Long Paradise, the new top amusement park was built with one billion yuan by Chime Long Group. The first phase of the project covers 66.7 hectares. The park is the most advanced, hi-tech super amusement park with the most equipment in China and has a daily reception capacity of 50,000 people.

Chime Long Paradise (first phase), with over 70 sets of amusement equipment, is the amusement park with the most equipment. Some of the equipment of international standard design and technology is imported from Europe. Chime Long Paradise possesses four Asian 1 equipments. The Ten-circle Roller Coaster is the first one in Asia and second in the world (the first being in Britain), with investment of over RMB one billion yuan. The Roller Coaster, designed by well-known global amusement equipments supplier Intamin Co., broke many world records for amusement equipment and set a new Guinness World Record.

The Motor Roller Coaster with investment of 50 million yuan is the first in Asia and won the annual design golden prize of the World Amusement Industry. It takes only 2.8 seconds to accelerate its hourly speed from 0 to 80 kilometers, which rivals formula 1 racing cars.

The U-shaped Sky Scraping Sliding Car is also the first in Asia. The 30-meter-high large sliding car revolves and glides down at a high speed and is one of the most breathtaking rides in the park. “Water Wagon War” claiming to be “the king of water amusement equipment” is also the first in Asia. Along with all this you can also enjoy magic shows, acrobatic performances, song & dance, and large parades in the park.

Chime Long Paradise is divided into six theme park areas, including Hobby Kingdom for children and family, Screaming Zone equipped with thrilling amusement equipment, Whirlwind Island, set mainly in a middle ages European style, Water World, taking water as the theme, Central Show Square offering marvelous shows and White Tiger Street for shopping and leisure.


How to get there: Take buses No. 202, 221, 247, 512, 530 and 562 and Metro Line 3 (Hanxi Changlong station) in Guangzhou. Near the station, there is shuttle bus to Chime Long Golf Training Center, Chime Long Hotel and Xiangjiang Safari Park.

Opening hours: 10:00-19:00
Ticket: RMB 145 yuan.

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