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Guangzhou Ocean World

Guangzhou ocean worldWhen you visit the Guangzhou Zoo, don't forget to explore its newest addition - the Guangzhou Ocean World. Apart from using it as a place of entertainment, the exhibition hall was built to provide enough scope to marine research and education as well. The hall covers about 13,000 square meters and has cost nearly US $50 million. The Technology Association of Guangdong Province has named the hall as Guangdong Educational Base for Popular Marine Science. The place has already become a well known name all over the world for its collection of varied marine lives, and it draws a lot of tourists every year.

The Ocean World is divided into various areas that focus on different aspects of the underwater life, including some rare underwater species. This place is constructed in a very systematic way and before you start exploring the sea creatures and their habitat, you will have to cross the Ocean Square, where you will get to know everything about the evolution of aquatic animals. Interestingly enough, these stories are told through sculptures.

After this, you enter the "Deap-Sea Scenery" or the "Deep Ocean View Tank", which has the capacity to hold about 1100 cubic meters of water. This place gives you an idea, though on a small scale, of how the underwater sea bed will look along with its various marine lives. It is actually the largest exhibition tank in the country. You can see the colorful coral reefs that enjoy national protection. Scientifically, the corals are the major column of the underwater ecology and their destruction will severely jeopardize the balance of the oceanic biology.

The fishes that swim in the Ocean World of Guangzhou include a variety of rock fishes including the deep water ones known as Longcu. Apart from this, you can also see other kinds of rock fishes here like tiger rock fish, sumei rock fish, and rat rock fish. Watching abalone from close quarters is another experience that the place offers.

Move on to the "Freshwater World" and you will find different types of fishes that live in low land pools and high mountain waters. Besides these two areas, the Ocean World also has rocky beaches, tropical rainforests, touching pond, exhibition hall and an ocean theater. In the exhibition halls, you can closely watch the hunting methods of sharks and appreciate the swimming skills of seals.

If you have an adventurous streak in you, you can even swim with the sharks and the turtles. Don't worry as you will be pretty safe, because you will have the company of trained coaches certified by the World Confederation of Underwater Activities. The authorities also arrange performances by marine animals for the guests. You can see the performance of sea lions, dolphins, and sharks that are on a hunt. Starting in morning, these shows go on throughout the afternoon.

One thing that you should know about the Ocean World is that every piece of material that you find here - including the water enclosures, is man-made, and shows a great combination of creativity and technology.

You should not miss a tour to the Guangzhou Ocean World at any cost. It is a great place to know about marine life without visiting all the oceans of the world.

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