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Shuang Pi Nai (Double-skinned Milk)

Shuang Pi Nai (Double-skinned Milk) Cooking materials of Shuang Pi Nai are full fat milk, egg white and white sugar. The making of authentic double-skin milk is very strict. The milk is especially from the water buffalo milk. Pour the fresh milk into the small boiler boil them till boil over. Remove it from the heat and pour it into a rice bowl and leave it cool. After a while the milk surface will form a skin. At this time perforate a hole on the skin by chopstick and gently pour the milk out from the hole into a bowel which contains egg white. Stir the milk and egg white well. After that, pour the mixture back into the rice bowel with precious milk skin. The milk skin will float to the top. Then steam the milk for about ten minutes. The well done double-skin milk is pure white and coagulated like jelly with two skins. If like you can put the lotus seed, jequirity, raisin etc.


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