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Roasted Goose

roasted gooseRoasted Goose is one of guangzhou's most famous dishes . it originated from the roast duck, is one of the traditional roasted dishes of Guangzhou cuisine. Ideally, this dish is made with a black or brown goose from Qingyuan county.

First cut off wings and legs of the goose, take out the guts and then blow it up.

Then, coat the whole goose with five-spice powder and sew it up. Pour boiling water over the goose, and dip it into cold water for a moment.

Take out the goose, coat sugar on it, let it dry and then preserve in salt. Hang the goose in roast pan or above open fire, keep on rolling while heating.

Cut it into pieces, arrange on the plate and it can be served. The crisp-skinned roasted goose in guangzhou.

The most famous are those of yu ji roasted goose restaurant and shen jing roasted goose of changzhou island, huangpu district.


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