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Famous Restaurants in Guangzhou

Pan Xi Restaurant

Pan Xi Restaurant is a large-scale garden-style restaurant. It is located on the bank of beautiful Li Wan Lake. It occupies an area of 12,000 sq. Meters and is the site of "Chang Hua Garden", an imperial garden of the king of Nan Han Dynasty. The layout of the restaurant is well divided so that every room faces south. The park is well divided into four parts connected by gallery, privy room, hall, villa, mountainous land, and garden. There are beautiful eaves and pavilions. green tiles and red walls, towers and terrace halls on the water, and winding gallery. The scenery of the park is elegant and refined, praised as "Complete symphonic poem of eastern architecture art". Pan Xi Restaurant, ranking No. 1 of the three garden-style restaurants of Guangzhou, has many specialties such as Steamed Whole White Gourd Soup, Garden Herbs Chicken and Assorted Platter. The most famous are its pastries. Mr Luo Kun. No.1 of the best five chefs of pastry in China was from the restaurant. He could make more than one thousand of pastries by himself alone. The famous pastry is Fresh Shrimps Dumpling, Nest Dasheen, Water Chestnut Cake, and Crisp Three-flavored Rolls. About 40 dishes and pastries of Pan Xi Restaurant won prizes in the cooking contests of various levels.
Adress: No.151, Longjin Rd., West, GZ Tel: 020-81815718

Guangzhou Restaurant

Guangzhou restaurant is located on Wen Chang Street. It is a garden-style restaurant. It has been praised "The No.1 restaurant in Guangzhou". Wen Chang Chicken is the representative dish of Mr. Liang Duan. From 1980 archaizing services and royal banquet have been offered. They had also held the first and the second Chinese Snack Festivals in the restaurant. By the end of 1997, Guangzhou Restaurant owned 19 subsidiaries. The specialties include Wen Chang Chicken, Kapok Duck, Deep Fried Duck Palm, and Three-colored Lobster. Besides, the moon cakes of Guangzhou Restaurant are also very famous. Guangzhou Restaurant has trained many famous chefs. Such as Mr. ZhongQuan, "King of Cooking in the South"; Mr. Wu Luan, "King of Shark Fin"; Mr. Liang Duan, "Famous Chef of Guangdong and Hong Kong"; Mr. Liang Xian, "King of Chefs of the World", and Mr. Huang Zhenhua, Mr. Wen Qifu, Ms. Zhou Yuzhen and some successful entrepreneurs.
Address: No.2, Wenchang Rd., GZ Tel: 020-81888388

Da Tong Restaurant

Da Tong Restaurant is located on the Changdi Avenue, a bustling section of Guangzhou. It was well known in the Lingnan district for its luxurious decoration and superb cooking skills before the foundation of the PRC. The signboard dishes of Da Tong Restaurant are Crisp-skinned Chicken and Golden Roasted Sucking Pig. The Da Tong Custard Tart is the most famous among its pastries. Adress: No. 63, Yanjiang Rd., West, GZ Tel: 020-81885933 Nan Yuan Restaurant Nan Yuan Restaurant is located on the Qianjin Street, Haizhu District. It is one of the three garden-style restaurants in Guangzhou. It was founded in 1958 and opened in 1963 with an area of approximate 10,000 sq. meters including a garden of 4,500 sq. meters. Its specialties are in Cantonese style and Chaozhou style. The Crispy Lotus Seeds Mousse Dumpling won the "Golden Tripod" prize in 1990 awarded by the Ministry of Commerce. The specialties of Nan Yuan Restaurant are Protect Country Dish, Buddha Jumping over the Wall, Stewed Wild Goose, Bean Paste Chicken, Sliced Beef, Brined Vegetable Pork Steak Soup, and Bamboo Cream Chicken etc. Adress: No.142, Qianjin Rd., GZ Tel: 020-84449211

Bei Yuan Restaurant

Bei Yuan Restaurant is located on Xiao Bei Street.It is one of the three largest garden-style restaurants in Guangzhou. The layout is very classical with pond, mini-mountain, bridge, grass and flowers. The cuisine pays much attention to clearness, freshness, tenderness, and smoothness. The cuisine is served at all charge levels. Because Bei Yuan Restaurant has employed Mr. Li Hi and Mr. Chen Zun, who are first-class chefs for banquets and desserts, so the reputation is fairly good. The specialties of Bei Yuan Restaurant are Oiled Shelled Shrimp. Suburbs Fish Head, Duck Palm in Oyster Sauce, Fried Chicken Breast, Sweet-Scented Balls Roasted Goose, Sauted Chicken in Rice Wine, Fish with Pine Nuts, and Fragrance Fulfill the Jug. The special pastry include Lingnan Litchi, Mint with Lotus, Jade Pineapple, and Watermelon Cream Jelly. The flavor is really wonderful.
Adress: No.202, Xiaobei Rd., GZ Tel: 020-83330087

Snake Restaurant It is located in Jianglan Street. Its predecessor was "Snake King Man", founded in

Guangzhou by Mr. Wu Man, It specialized in the purchase of snakes for medical factories or making Chinese medicine by using snake gall. Later it was engaged in serving snake banquets. After the foundation of the PRC, many snake restaurants were closed down, except "Snake King Man" (later renamed as Snake Restaurant) which is still running today. Snake Restaurant is the largest restaurant in China serving snake food. Now the business area has got more than 500 seats. It is mainly engaged in snake dishes, snake galls, snake drinks and concurrently engaged in games and seafood in Cantonese style. The special dish is Chrysanthemum Dragon-Tiger-Phoenix Soup, etc. Adress: No. 318, Xianlie Rd., East, GZ Tel: 020-87705998

The Dong Jiang Restaurant

The Dong Jiang Restaurant is notable for its Hakka style, which is one of the three styles of the Cantonese style. Do Jiang Restaurant is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Fourth Street and Wende Street, which is the most bustling section in Guangzhou. Its predecessor was Ning Chang Restaurant especially engaging in Dong Jiang style cuisine. The typical dishes in Dong jiang style are Dong Jiang Salted Baked Chicken, Dong Jiang Stuffed Bean Curd, Duck Stuffed with Eight Treasures, Seven Delicacies Braised in Clay Pot, Dong Jiang Pork Feet, Steamed Pork with Salt-dried Mustard Cabbage and Dong Jiang Fried Spring Rolls.
Address: No. 337, Zhongshan 4th Rd., GZ Tel: 020-83335343

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