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Great World Food Street

The well-known Dongdu Great World Food Street is located at the 1st floor of the Colorful Days Hotel. There are about 40 restaurants along the 600-meter street, including Turish, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Islamic and Chinese restaurants of different styles. Here you can enjoy many delicacies while strolling leisurely, there is a great deal of choice here.

Recommended restaurants:

Saint-Germain French Restaurant
Saint-Germain French Restaurant is a vibrant brasserie and bar located at the 1st floor of Colorful Days Hotel. One can stop over there for a group drink or enjoy a quiet glass of wine after work. A sociable atmosphere pervades the place. The restaurant serve a range of French brasserie classics for lunch and dinner.
Service Hours:10:30-14:30; 17:30-23:00 Tel: 020-87606465

Izakaya Japanese Restaurant
Service Hours:11:00-23:00 Tel: 020-87604411

Azalea Korean Barbecue Restaurant (Jin Da Lai) Come and experience the delicious authentic North Korean barbecue all made with the finest ingredients. People of all ages can truly enjoy the dining experience at exceptionally reasonable prices.
Service Hours:10:00-23:00 Tel: 020-89811412

Brothers Muslim Restaurant For those who love authentic Xinjiang, Turkish, Pakistan and Middle-east food, Come and visit, enjoy Shish Kebob Lamb, Chicken, Beef, Bread and Noodles. All prepared according to Islamic creed.
Service Hours:10:00am-2:00am Tel: 020-87626466

Pandan Indonesian Restaurant Pandan is the only place serving authentic Indonesian food in Guangzhou. The restaurant features the archipelago's signature dishese such as Garlic Grilled King Prawn with Indonesian herbs, the universally known Indonesian Fried Rice and various Charcoal-grilled Meat Satay.
Service Hours:9:00-23:00 Tel: 87605258

Ottoman Turkish Restaurant With a fresh and elegant decoration, the Ottoman Turkish Restaurant serves you the most delicious and selective food of the sophisticated Imperial Ottoman cuisine, and at the same time be the witness of warm Turkish hospitality.
Service Hours:11:30-23:30 Tel: 020-87601227

Shandong Hometown Restaurant Shan Dong is the hometown of Confucius. The Shandong Cuisine is one of the top 4 cuisines of China. The Shandong Hometown Restaurant features authentic Shandong cuisines and combining the Shandong culture into the Shandong cuisines. The dishes of the restaurants were awarded golden medals in Guangzhou International Food Festival.
Service Hours:10:00-23:00 Tel: 020-87620917

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