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Liang cha (herb tea)

Drinking "Liang Cha" is deep-rooted in the lives of Guangzhou residents. All the year round, "Liang Cha" houses are usually crowded with people. "Liang Cha" is a kind of drink made by Chinese herb, which is cool in nature and capable of dispelling inner heat. Drinking "Liang Cha" can remove heat from the human body in summer and cure throat pain caused by the dry climate in winter.

With a long history in Guangzhou, "Liang Cha" has a great variety, such as Wanglaoji "LiangcCha", Wanghutang "Liang Cha", Health "Liang Cha", The King of Chrysanthemum Scented Tea, Bitter Melon Dry" Liang Cha", etc. Even tortoise Grease Soup, Fresh Fish Soup with Hervs and the Red Carrot and Sugar Cane Soup have become the traditional "Liang Cha" loved by Guangzhou residents. Wanglaoji Liang Cha, the most famous kind, has continuously been favored by Guangzhou residents. Since the 1980s, various "Liang Cha" medicine and "Liang Cha" of soft packing come into being such as Farmers' "Liang Cha", Summer Chrysanthemum "Liang Cha", which have become favorite drinks fo many families.


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