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Legend of 5 goats

Legend has it that in Zhou dynasty, Guangzhou has been also called"Chuting".

One year, Chuting was hit by a severe famine, people got no crops at all and were helpless but praying all day and all night, their piety eventually moved 5 celestial beings, so they decided to help people in Guangzhou and descended from heaven by riding five goats with different colors and each of them brought an ear of grain. After they arrived Guangzhou they bestowed the grain to people and gave them bless of "Non-Famine Forever".

From then on Guangzhou had never been hit by famine again and had good weathers every year for crops and people lived prosperously ever after for the blessings those five celestial beings had given them. In order to commemorate those five celestial beings, people built Wuxian (Pinyin of Five-Celestial-beings in Chinese) Temple at the place where those five celestial beings arrived and made their ridings—Goat the symbol of Guangzhou.

This is why Guangzhou is also known as Sui (Pinyin of Grain-Ear in Chinese) City, and Yang (Pinyin of Goat in Chinese) City as well. There are many goat statues in Guangzhou and the Statue of the Five Goats is the most impressive, and now the one which were built in Yuexiou Park in 1959 by government, has been attracted thousands and millions of tourists through the years.

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