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Beijing Road

Beijing shopping streetBeijing Road is a popular street in Guangzhou. When the sun set with the curtain of night drawn, you would see busy traffic and shoppers packing both sides of the road, and an array of neon lights dazzling your eyes.

Beijing Road has been one of the major commercial streets in Guangzhou. There are two well-known shopping malls in the street. One is Guangzhou Department Store located on the south side of the street, and the other, Xin-Da-Xin Department Store, on the north side. Both state-owned department stores were built after China embarked on reforms and open-to-the-world policies.

In the middle of Beijing Road, large scale bookstores like Xin-hua Bookshop and Education Bookshop can still manage to stay in Beijing Road despite the great commercial impact, but the Foreign Language Bookstore had retreated to the second floor of its original site. Judging from the walls of the bookshops you can imagine the vicissitudes of the city. A great variety of books can be found in these bookshops.

The whole street is lined with chain stores. From fashion to leather products to snack bars...whatever you like can be found here. Differently priced products make it easy to find a bargain. Sometimes you may run into a special sale, especially on weekends or holidays.

The Xihu flea market is also a must for lovers of small trinkets. Here on sale are plenty of toys, ornaments, shirts, and some useful tools that you are not likely to find elsewhere. Also, these small things are very cheap, which is another reason why this street attracts so many visitors. Beijing Road also has convenient transportation. Taxis and buses are still available at midnight.

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