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Jiangnan Dadao Wedding Dresses Street

The "Street of wedding dresses", located at the northern end of Jiangnandadao road, is the biggest distributor of wedding dresses in Guangdong province.

This special wedding dress street, formed in the early 1980s, was one of two overseas Chinese roads in Guangzhou at that time. Overseas Chinese living there could contact with the outside world frequently. Those having a relatively stronger economic sense, made use of their own gardens and lawns to build up the shops of wedding dresses. In the very beginning, these shops were no more than manual potteries, with a business at the front and a factory in the backyard.

However, as time went by, more and more people came here for wedding dresses. As a result, the style of the dresses became more and more diverse and some famous products from Hong Kong, Taiwan and even the Southeast were also available.

The price of the wedding dresses here are diverse to. Most of the goods are at the middle and lower ends of the price range, but there are also some high-class wedding dresses.

Cantonese who are going to get married will look here first and they will buy a dress if it suits their taste and budget. Some foreignness even ask their Cantonese friends to buy dresses for them. The Street of wedding dresses is famous and known to all.

Competition between shops is fierce, but each shop has its own characteristics and its own way of attracting customers. Wedding dresses that are on show at the store front are rarely of the same type. Most of the goods are western wedding dresses and evening attire, others are Chinese cheongsams (Qi-pao). To buy a wedding dress here, you are likely to pay about 600 to 800 yuan. To order a dress takes about two weeks. The price can be halved if you just rent a dress. There are many benefits and attractions.

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