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Wende Road Culture Street

Wende cultural streetWende Road originated in the Qingli period of Northern Song Dynasty, on the east side of then Guangzhou Confucian Temple, and called Xuefudong Street at that time. Wende Road is at the center of ancient Guangzhou district and has profound historical basis.

There are private Jiaozhong School established in the 28th year of Guangxu Period (Guangzhou No.13 Middle School today), Guangzhou School Palace (Guangzhou No.1 Labors’ Cultural Palace today), Wende Building and Sun Yat-sen Documents Museum along the road. To the north are site of Dockyard of Qin Dynasty over 2000 years ago, Site of Nanyue Kingdom Palace, the only underground stone-structure architecture comparable to ancient Roman town and earliest site example of kingdom palace in China, and Town God Temple.

To the east are Panyu School Palace (Training Center for Peasants Movement), Examination Hall, Lu Xun Memorial Hall, Guangdong Provincial Museum, and Sun Yat-sen Library. To the west are Beijing Road Pedestrian Mall, Dafo Temple and Ancient Medicine Lake.

Wende Road of today is called “The first cultural street in Guangzhou”. This road is lined with 300 shops dealing in cultural goods, including some large emporiums for business of high-grade curio, calligraphy, painting and the four treasures of the study such as Guangzhou Antique Shop Head Office and Wenyue Xuan, and numerous medium or low-grade shops of cultural goods. At present its eglomise business has great effect on the domestic market and enjoys a high reputation in the trade.

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