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Zhongshan san RD.

The shopping circle is located in Zhongshan-4 Road, east to Beijing Street. China Plaza is well-received for the fashionable garments and accessories, home items. Many of them are original and up-to-date while some are local designers' signature works.

JUSCO, a Japanese department store, gives you a wide range of quality goods for your needs at the second and third floors.

Its basement leads to the underground update Mall, which is the biggest and highest-profile subway mall in China. It expands to the Lingyuanxi station and is crammed with vogue brands of wear, Salon and cosmetics.

Mobile phone is another shopping focus of the circle. Lingyuan-xi Street, northwardly opposite to the China Plaza, is the biggest market of this kind in Guangzhou. You can find almost all sorts and brands of mobile phones and accessories that are available in China at the specialty franchises and stores lined along the west side of the street. The 4th Floor of China Plaza is another cellulars world to match Lingyuan-xi.

West to the main entrance of China Plaza you have the "Mouse Street" (Laoshu Jie). It is also known as "women's street" (Nu Ren Jie), where Guangzhou's modern ladies hit the rails with cost-effective price. Hundreds of tiny stores sell locally produced, Japanese-brand clothes, shoes, and accessories. It's cheaper than Beijing Road, but more crowded. Bargaining is essential.

Open hours is 10:00 am -6:00 pm.

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