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Travel Between Guangzhou&Hong Kong

The distance from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is 174 Kms. You can visit Hong Kong or Guangzhou by bus or train. There are also high-speed ferries which run regularly.

Tourists can choose any of the traffic tools to travel between the two metropolises – Buses, Flights, Trains or Ferries.

By Bus: You can find the detailed information from your hotel in Hong Kong. It's about two hours by bus. The ticket is about HK$100 (USD15). It's about 2 hours.

From Guangzhou ( Guangzhou East Railway Station) to Hongkong ( Kowloon ):
please go to Guangzhou East Station and take 10:50, 14:05 15:05 or 17:40 train. It's about 2 hours.

Train : The express through train between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is comfortable and convenient. It covers the 182kin route in just under two hours.

Departures are from the Kowloon station of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR). You must complete immigration exit formalities at the station before boarding. Therefore, you'd best amve about 45 minutes before train's departure time, as the gate closes 20 miniutes before the train departs.

In Hong Kong, tickets can be booked up to seven days before departure at China Travel Service (CTS) or the Kowloon KCR station. Return tickets are also sold. But only seven to 30 days before departure.

By Flights: The whole journey from Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou Airport by air may take you 45 minutes.

By Ferries: If you would like to take ferry from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, you could take ferries at China Hong Kong City Terminal or Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal located at the Shun Tak Center, Central of Hong Kong. The destination ferry terminals in Guangzhou are Lian Hua Shan, Panyu and Nan Sha.

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